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Frequently Asked QUestions

  • Q:What are the signs of an undetected leak?

    A:Usually, leaks aren't completely obvious until they've entirely ruptured, and have turned into a small or major flood. It's important to notice the signs to avoid the expenses of cleaning up those larger messes. Sound – Running water when no water is being used  

  • Q:Why is my pipe leaking?

    A:Some of the most common causes of plumbing leaks are: Corrosion or rusting caused by age, chemicals, or poor water quality, cracked pipes, too much pressure in the pipes, clogs, temperatures changes or older or poor-quality pipes.

  • Q:What kind of leaks do you handle?

    A:We provide leak detection for residential single-family homes. We also provide leak detection for multiple locations and offer 24/7 water leak detection.

  • Q:Will Phyn Plus work if I live in a condo or multi-unit dwelling?

    A:Phyn is intended for structures that are individually plumbed, typically found in a single family home. Phyn can work in a condo or multi-unit dwelling if certain conditions are met. The plumbing must be individually plumbed (each unit having its own main supply line, meter and shut-off valve) and isolated with a pressure reducing valve.

  • Q:What types of leaks will Phyn Plus find?

    A:Phyn Plus will detect leaks in your water delivery system such as pinhole leaks, drip leaks, pipe bursts, toilet flapper leaks, and leaks in supply-line hoses to clothes and dishwashers. Phyn will also alert you if water has been running longer than normal. Phyn will not catch roof leaks and leaks or stoppages in outflow lines (e.g. a clogged sink or sewer line).

  • Q:How long will it take for Phyn Plus to be installed in my home?

    A:Installation typically takes one to two hours, and depends on the location of your main water supply.

  • Q:Will Phyn alert me when there is a leak?

    A:Yes! Phyn alerts of leaks and other plumbing issues via SMS and push notification from the Phyn app, available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Q:Does Phyn Plus work with any other smart home devices?

    A:Phyn works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT (If This Then That).

  • Q:Do I need to "teach" Phyn Plus?

    A:Phyn Smart Water Assistant learns each of your home’s fixtures over time. It also relies on your feedback to help it understand the use of water in your home. To teach Phyn, you can re-label the event and help it correct itself. The more you label events, the more accurate Phyn will be for you in reporting water usage and distinguishing normal events from leaks.

  • Q:How long will it take for Phyn Plus to be installed at my home?

    A:Installation typically takes one to two hours, and depends on the location of your main water supply.

  • Q:Can I have my own plumber install Phyn Plus?

    A:Yes, you can use your own plumber to install Phyn Plus. We have included instructions that you can give to them in the Phyn Plus box. They must follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

  • Q:What is the maximum working pressure of Phyn Plus?

    A:The maximum working pressure is 125 PSI.

  • Q:Can I install Phyn Plus on my home if I have a well?

    A:Absolutely! Water Leak Detector USA has installed Phyn Plus on many homes with wells.

  • Q:Do I need an electrical outlet near Phyn Plus?

    A:Yes. You will need an electrical outlet within 15 feet of where the device is installed (we recommend a GFCI equipped outlet). Phyn Plus comes with a 15-foot power cord.

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  • “They re-piped our home we went from old copper to pex. It was a fast process, they were clean, on time and within a couple of days, my plumbing was complete.”

    - Ryan R.
  • “They had great service, nearly immediate response when I reached out on Yelp and for almost half of the price of others!”

    - Kay M.
  • “I've already recommended them to my father in law who needs a new water heater and he was very impressed with their work as well.”

    - Aaron C.

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