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When you are dealing with a clogged pipe or sewer line, it is important to deal with the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. These blockages are not only inconvenient and unhygienic, but they can also lead to larger problems with the plumbing system that are more expensive and difficult to repair. Fortunately, our team at Water Leak Detector USA is skilled in utilizing one of the most effective options for drain cleaning. Our hydrojetting services in Orange are not only extremely thorough but also one of the least invasive options available. In our experienced hands, the high-pressure water we use can blast through stubborn blockages without risking damage to the pipe or surrounding area.

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Is Hydrojetting Right for Me?

When more traditional methods of pipe cleaning are insufficient to handle the whole clog, or cannot reach far enough to get to it, hydrojetting can be an incredibly effective solution. Snaking, for example, is generally a good method for mild to moderate blockages, but may not be the best choice for a severely blocked drain. Rather than simply punching holes through the clog and leaving the rest intact, hydrojetting does a thorough job of clearing anything and everything out of the pipe that should not be there.

Hydrojetting does an excellent job of clearing blockages caused by:

  • Soap
  • Hair
  • Fat, oil, and grease
  • Roots
  • Food
  • Minerals

Get Professional Help for Professional Results

We know how tempting it can be to turn to the chemical drain cleaners you can find at every supermarket. After all, why hire someone when you can handle the issue yourself? It is the unfortunate truth, however, that those store-bought solutions almost always cause more trouble than they are worth. Not only are they made of corrosive chemicals that are dangerous to you and your family, they also very rarely actually work. They do not address the original problem effectively, and frequently cause further problems by weakening the pipes they were supposed to clear.

Hydrojetting is an exceptional way to address these issues – but only if they have the training to do it safely and effectively. At Water Leak Detector USA, our Orange hydrojetting experts are highly trained to ensure that everything we do is completed with the utmost safety. We examine the pipes to determine how much pressure they can withstand. This allows us to be extremely precise in our service while always keeping the integrity of your system intact.

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    Can't complain good & honest company

    “They re-piped our home we went from old copper to pex. It was a fast process, they were clean, on time and within a couple of days, my plumbing was complete.”

    - Ryan R.
    I called for a water leak detection in my kitchen

    “They had great service, nearly immediate response when I reached out on Yelp and for almost half of the price of others!”

    - Kay M.
    They have become my new go-to plumbing company!

    “I've already recommended them to my father in law who needs a new water heater and he was very impressed with their work as well.”

    - Aaron C.
    Thank you

    “They showed up on time, repaired my leak in the pipe in my ceiling from the toilet above and I am now free of leaks!”

    - Skyler M.
    I really recommend this company due to the quick response and service they performed.

    “Called Water Leak Detector USA made an appointment to check for a water leak due to having warm floor. The technician Mando arrived within 45 minutes found a hot water slab leak gave us multiple options to repair the leak.”

    - Deicy G.

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